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These are some of Linda's favorite quotes about pianos and piano playing.


"I sense that the instrument is alive - that when I listen closely for nuance and tone, the inanimate world of strings, wood, pins and steel comes to life.  When I honor the piano's vitality and complexity, I can't tell whether I am playing the piano or it is playing me."

--Michael Jones


"The piano exists apart from the performer.  You must coax it to be a partner, and some pianos can be resistant.  But there are many ways to touch a piano - and if the player invests the time, effort, and the will to love, the response of the instrument is absolutely enormous."



"The piano is a divinely inspired instrument, a mirror held up to its player's soul that captures the light and shadow of the performer and reflects them back to the listener."

--David Lanz


"The piano has been my diary.  I have gone to it to document my life experiences - whether deeply personal events or to simply record a memory in the snow, or the light on the land.  It is the heartbeat of every piece I have ever written."

--Michael Gettel


"I have been playing piano since my childhood - and to this day I am still fascinated by the creative journeys it takes me on.  Somehow I am sure the piano will remain a constant in my life."

--Wayne Gratz


"The piano is always true to me.  In times of despair, happiness, and joy, its mood is always my own."

--Bradley Joseph


"I love the piano and those who love the piano.  The piano as a medium for expression is a whole world by itself.  No other instrument can fill or replace its own say in the world of emotion, sentiment, poetry, imagery and fancy."

--Leopold Godowsky in a letter to Maurice Aronson (Paris, 10th July 1931)


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